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The bull trout has no black on its dorsal fin.

“No black, put it back.” This phrase reminds you that if the dorsal fin on a trout you’ve caught is a clear or amber color with no black marks, it is probably a bull trout and it should be released. Also notice the white-edged fins on this mature adult.
You should also look for a slightly forked tail fin and a drab or olive body coloration.
Study the illustration and photo below, along with the key characters indicated:
Bull Trout
Bull Trout
TAIL Slightly Forked
(Center rays greater than half longest rays)
Bull Trout Tail
DORSAL FIN Without spots or other marks (NO BLACK - PUT IT BACK)
BODY Silvery to light olive with yellow, orange, or pink spots; darker olive-colored on back with yellow or cream-colored spots
APPEARANCE Usually drab coloration, but adult (usually over 14 inches) may have bright orange colors on belly and flanks, black on head, and white-edged fins during fall.
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