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The Treasure State offers great fishing opportunities. Montana's spectacular trout streams and lakes are legendary across the nation. In fact, many consider Montana an angler's dream. One of the most important parts of this wonderful resource is Montana's largest native trout: the bull trout. Bull trout have declined across their range. Agencies and citizens have united across the west to help conserve this important part of our native heritage in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, as well as in Montana.

Bull Trout If we want to conserve bull trout and high quality aquatic habitat, we must inform and educate ourselves. This web site provides you with an educational tool that can help you conserve bull trout for future generations. If anglers can effectively identify bull trout and learn about their importance, bull trout will benefit.
Here’s how it works! First, test your knowledge about bull trout and other trout - their ecology, habits, habitats, body characteristics, and conservation status—by taking a short ENTRANCE TEST. Once you’ve completed the test and reviewed your score, you’re ready to move on to the next step: the TRAINING PROGRAM. In this step, you’ll learn more about fish and get a chance to practice the skills and knowledge in those questions that you’ve missed. When you’re done practicing with the training program, you can take another test—FINAL TEST—to see how much you’ve learned and how well you can identify “virtual” fish.
A score of 80% or higher on this last test gets you an official certificate that shows you’ve successfully completed the bull trout identification program. Just enter your name and hit the print key on your computer.
It’s quick— usually less than a half-hour —and you can revisit the site any time you feel the need to brush up on your fish identification skills. No two tests are identical, so the next time you log on to test your knowledge, you’ll find a different set of challenging questions. We've designed this program to be challenging. The entrance test may be difficult if you take it before going through the training. But take heart, because if you spend time at this site you will become a bull trout expert.
Lets get started! Click on ENTRANCE TEST button on the top left of this page and follow the prompts in the program.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please send email to John Fraley, Information Officer, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks or Dave Hagengruber, Angler Education Cordinator, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.
Click here to begin the Entrance Test. Click here to begin Training. Click here to begin the Final Test.
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